Member Partnerships

Dairy Value Chains, Eritrea

The Climate Smart Agriculture Research and Innovation Support for Dairy Value Chains in Eritrea (CSARIDE) project is led by Teagasc and co-proposed by the University College Dublin (UCD), along with other international partners such as University College Cork (, Vita (, and Self Help Africa ( Additionally, national partners in Eritrea including the National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI), Hamelmalo Agricultural College (HAC), the Ministry of Agriculture, and regional governments (Zobas) are involved. The CSARIDE project aims to promote market-led agricultural development, building on the experience of the Irish partners who have been working on a pilot dairy project in Zoba Debub for the past eight years. The pilot project will be fully integrated into CSARIDE with the overall objective of promoting inclusive, sustainable, and climate-relevant transformation of the Eritrean dairy value chain to enhance food and nutrition security, reduce poverty, create job opportunities for young people, and promote resilience to climate change while mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.