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Dec. 01, 2020

Women’s Economic and Nutritional Empowerment

A Case Study of Gergera Watershed Project, Solange Cullen, University College Cork. Women’s empowerment, agriculture and food security are central factors in development agendas. These issues have the potential to reduce poverty, hunger and increase economic growth. These issues are the lives of rural women. Often women’s empowerment is measured by the improvement of livelihoods and it is assumed that

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May. 01, 2019

Investing in African Value Chains – Case Studies from An Irish Perspective

This paper is aimed at Irish firms or social enterprises that may be interested in investing in the agri- food sector in Africa with a view to strengthening their supply chains or market presence. It may also be relevant to organisations such as NGOs active in agri-food in Africa with networks or links to smallholder farmers.

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