Access to Nutrition – How can we Make Nutritious Food Affordable for All?

Posted April 16, 2021

  • Currently 3 billion people can’tafford the least-cost healthy diet recommended by national Governments.
  • Actions are needed in social protection and in agricultural investments to improve access to nutritious food; social protection transfers need to increase.
  • The cost of nutritious foods should be reduced by diversification and connection, not by externalising the true cost of food.
  • Some community-level solutions can help address affordability and access, including home garden production of nutritious food, nutrition-sensitive aquaculture, developing recipes based on locally available foods, improving infrastructure and market access.
  • The perceived low value of some nutritious and lower-cost foods needs to be challenged.
  • The food environment needs to be changed to incentivise healthy foods and disincentivise wide availability of highly processed unhealthy foods, including working through corporate governance mechanisms.
  • We need to work on multiple game-changing actions collectively to bring about a fundamental shift in how food systems operate and achieve co-benefits across food system outcomes.

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